Oxford reinvigorates the shaker door style, with a more contemporary narrower frame design and tactile smooth painted matt finishes for a stunning kitchen.


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Cashmere is a natural choice for Oxford and creates a striking kitchen, perfect for modern living. Simple clean lines help to create a minimalist look which is heightened by the reduced frame width on the Oxford profile.

Oxford Stone Cameo C.jpg

Accentuate the crisp design of Oxford with the colour choice of white. A vast array of accessories creates features throughout the kitchen while white fascias allow you to be more adventurous with wall and floor colours.

Oxford White Cameo C.jpg
Oxford White Cameo A.jpg

The calming soft hue of ivory remains a UK favourite and suits both traditional and contemporary design. Combine curved units with open shelving for a highly fashionable design.

Oxford Ivory Cameo C.jpg
Oxford Ivory Cameo A.jpg

Choose the new styling of Oxford in the contemporary colour favourite of light grey. The tone of light grey is highly flexible and can be contrasted with darker work surfaces or complemented by warmer oak.

Oxford Light Grey Cameo B.jpg
Oxford Light Grey Cameo A.jpg


Anthracite in Oxford creates a particularly striking kitchen, contrasting beautifully with lighter coloured wall decoration. Introduce an element of oak for a more unique finish.

Oxford Anthracite Cameo A.jpg
Oxford Anthracite Cameo B.jpg


The new colour palette of stone mixes beautifully with the contemporary framed design of the Oxford door. Open shelving features are highly fashionable and ideal for modern day living.

Oxford Stone Cameo B.jpg
Oxford Stone Cameo A.jpg